A non-profit initiative for our fellow students...

Why Non-Profit? Open letter to students, specially their parents & landlords. We are nice to students, please be nice to us.

Hello folks,

Greetings of the day 🙂 

I welcome you at Tolet for Students, and here is open letter to students, specially their parents & landlords and you as well.

First of all, why non-profit? Every single person which whom we interacted, asking same question, even our parents too!! You heard it correct, non-profit platform for everyone. This platform is dedicated to students, their parents and Landlord/Hostel Owners.

Let’s discuss our first party customers i.e. Students. What should we cost to students, some fees or any Brokerage..?? They aren’t earning single penny in duration of their whole educational term, how they will pay us their fee, just for finding their ideal stay !! They are future of India, we must be proud of these students, even we’re students once a time, just 1-2 year back & hence, not able to afford a hostel at Kota.

Let them invest their pocket money on books first, education and their personal accessories.

Eventhough, their parents (second party) may or may not rich, they can pay us fee whatever we desire, service fee is not really issue for them. But, each n everyone’s family background is not premium & high-class. Even our team belongs from middle-class family, our parents only able to pay enough money for our studies, hefty coaching fee, books and for accommodation & necessary mess charges.

Oh Yes, if anyone from you willing to donate us, you are most welcome to donate us via this payment link, we don’t accept cash as donation.

And, our third party customers which is none other than Landlord/Hostel Owners.

They are earning from students, their business-model relay on students, still we’re not charging any fee to them, WHY??

They have to sustain their business in profit, if we put charges for them, this amount is going to increase students billings from next billing-cycle for sure. And, you know what, this opposes our mission to help students in searching their perfect stay, conveniently & at an affordable price.

Hence, not a perfect way to genrate reveneu. Hence, we only depends on your donated contribution to us, this will raise our fund & help us to continue our operations for FREE as always.

One thing, we have to request you, if you’re tycon of this industry, and your business is relaying on us, please consider our request to donate some amount as per your own concern, via this link, which will help us to run all the operations smoothly for students as well as you. Just enjoy taking benefits of this platform and grow your business & target your preferred students group.

We’re doing our best as non-profit way, and this platform will always be open for listings & getting in touch with students, we’ll never take any fee from you in near-time.

Thanks for believing in us.



Asharam Seervi

CEO & Founder,

Are you a landlord looking for students?